Foreword of DHA

Janice TSE

Hong Kong is a city of diversity integrating different cultures. It is also a vibrant and dynamic city. The Hong Kong people are enterprising, resourceful and confident, and have built Hong Kong into a beautiful place. With the strong support of the Motherland since our return, Hong Kong has continued to develop with an international vision. Capitalising on the speedy progress of our country and our competitive edges, Hong Kong has continued to scale new heights.

This year marks the 21st Anniversary of the Establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The Home Affairs Department and the 18 Districts collaborate with community organisations to organise a series of celebration activities. There will be a splendid variety of activities ranging from sports events to cultural and arts programmes to cater for all sectors, in a bid to share the joy with everyone.

I hope all of you will enjoy the activities and share the joy of the Anniversary. Your participation will make all the events more meaningful. Looking forward, I hope we will go hand in hand to promote a community spirit of love and care with one heart.


Miss Janice TSE
Director of Home Affairs

Janice TSE